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Lil Poty by NewGlassesMINIBOSS

Proty, a failed creation, winds up on a far-away planet that is populated by a two-person freelance fighting team. Ever since his arrival, strange things have been led to the tiny planet…

Began May 14th 2016, stopped production in August 2017

Lil Bird N Lil Boulder by NewGlassesBird and Boulder

Short stories of a sentient boulder in a decorative parking lot garden and his only “friend”, a bird.

Began September 23rd, 2017. Finished February 5th, 2018.

2 thoughts on “Pick a comic!

  1. Hey! I’m actually a fellow digital artist myself, and I actually aspire to make a full-blown comic (2 series specifically) of my boys at some point. Your content looks to be very consistent in quality and production, so I just wanted to ask a couple of things real quick. Love your stuff, by the way, and you seem like a genuinely nice person. Apologies if I’m being a bother.

    1.) How long does it take you to make each page?
    2.) How did your guys start out conceptually before you considered them ready for comic-ing?
    3.) How draining is the overall process? I’m aware that this in particular almost definitely varies from person to person, but I kind of just want to know how it is in your case just ’cause.

    Again, thank you loads, if you do get around to even reading this.


    • for Miniboss: each page took 2-3 hours, the characters started out as characters for a story (I just didn’t know what type of story), and it was never draining.
      For B&B, each page takes 5-8 minutes to ink and 10 to color, I saw a rock and drew it and a bird landed next to it and i drew the bird and got the idea to make a short story, and it’s never draining.

      Note: If you love your story, it won’t drain you. Keep that in mind.



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