Fanart Friday #9

Some wonderful pieces this week, thank you all so much!

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Adorable Trinkit pixels  (and a Beta pixel below) made by MaltaCloud!

Trinkit Gift (5) by MaltaCloudTrinkit Gift (5) (1) by MaltaCloud

Proty by Ferxio

0 by NewGlasses









Redrawn - Beta [200x200 Pixel - GIFT] by MaltaCloud



Fanart Friday #8!

Lots of beautiful pieces to share this week, starting with a unique piece by _scotchdoodle_ on Instagram! (Who also made pixel art of Bird and Boulder, see that a little further below!)

(Click the image to go to the artist’s homepage!)

Art0 by NewGlasses

ouch by krugoDont give me anything but lemme give you something by CloudSleepy

Inseparable Friends by ScotchDoodle

Thank you all so much! Your art makes my day ❤


Fanart Friday – #7!

Here’s a video made by Amera-Xi for part of a multi-animator project, in which she was sweet enough to include Proty and Humbee! Amera has always put so much life into my characters, and her creations never cease to amaze me. Below that is an older video she animated, in which I voiced the MINIBOSS characters.