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MINIBOSS is the graphic novel I am currently working on. I love it more than most of the other things in my life. I hope you like it too, maybe not to that extent, but enough.

its proty

Proty, failed creation, was shot out from his home planet. Ever since he was sent away, strange things have been going on. Proty joins a small team of freelance fighters on a small planet, led by Humbee. They travel the universe to defeat bosses, master the power of the universe, and to learn more about themselves.

New Pages Wednesday and Saturday

Started May 14th 2016


MINIBOSS all began in my pre-calculus class in late 2015, where Mr. Johnston was teaching us about the relationship between vectors and rotations (or something). He’d often use a ladybug as an example for RPM, stating if a ladybug were sitting on a record further out, it’d be “moving faster” than if it were sitting up close to the center. I think that is what made me think about bugs, and my mind ended up thinking of a bumblebee who had a pun in its name. Humbee was made that day, and that stupid idea created a snowball that wouldn’t be stupid for very long.

MINIBOSS wasn’t always the video-game-like world it is now, it originally started out as a deep, meaningful roleplay game about a young dog (who had no name) who was trying to understand his own purpose in the world depending on who he met. He was a dog due to the change he’d go through as the player moved him around, and dogs are known for being loyal to those they follow. The player would choose who to follow for inspiration. This character filled up my sketchbooks, and I labeled them as “protagonist”. The name got far too tedious to write, so I shortened it to “Proty”. It stayed that way, though the story now makes it short for “Prototype”.

I tried to start MINIBOSS in a myriad of ways before settling on a fully digital, space-bound comic. It began, like I said, as a game (with a completely different plot). Then, it was a traditional pen-on-Bristol comic that I’d done before with one called Trail, which was cancelledOffice Lens 20160429 190307 processed by flynnmutt. I tried out doing sketches of different beginnings on graph paper, then charcoal on Bristol, then trying another beginning on Bristol with colored pencil backgrounds that I’d scan in to digitally input the characters, only remembering my hatred for colored pencils, and finally making a fully-digital (but very detailed) first page that I planned to post, only stopping due to my frustration with how long the process was. It was, in short terms, a painful process. But, it was good to learn what I did and didn’t like about making the comic itself.

Miniboss Test Page by flynnmutt



Finally getting sick of all the issues, I settled on a simplistic style, inspired by the flat-line look of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Seconds”. I was well aware I’d grow to dislike the first page no matter what it ended up being, so I did my best, but didn’t try too hard to make every bit perfect. I kept the panels hand-drawn, the text my own handwriting, and had loose rules for sound effects, shading, and where the plot was going. This decision saved me on multiple occasions. It kept the pages fun and easier to make than the test ones, and it also let me post multiple times a week instead of only once. My style’s certainly changed over time due to this comic, as anyone can see from the first few pages to the most recent. But I’m grateful for the evolution of my style and skill. I often enjoy sinking into the nostalgia of the first episode, seeing how I changed over the course of it. I can still remember some of the earliest thoughts I faced while creating the pages, from asking my partner to read each one before posting, just to make sure there weren’t any mistakes, to struggling to capture a certain emotion. It’s been a wild, wild ride. I hope to continue this story for a long time. It’s given me a happiness that I can’t describe in any other words except life-changing. I truly hope you enjoy MINIBOSS as well, for all it is and all the love I’ve put into it. I know it won’t be a story I’ll be continuing when I’m in my fifties, but I definitely know it will be one that I will look back on very fondly when I get to that age.

Thanks to my parents for letting me create, my two sisters for enjoying every piece I do, my partner for his help with character development and realistic storytelling, my friends for agreeing to read my work, my teachers Mr. White, Mr. DeNoma, and Mr. DeMiero for teaching me skills of writing, art, and poetry, respectively (and for encouraging my undying creativity), Eroyn Franklin for teaching me gems of skills for creating comics, and to everyone out there who continues to support me by reading, commenting, sharing, purchasing merch/commissions, or creating beautiful pieces of fanart! Thank you all so much. You’ve all made my life worth living!

MINIBOSS by flynnmutt


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