16 thoughts on “MINIBOSS

  1. Excited for new Mini Boss content when it comes around! Been following you and your art for a while now, and just recently got to reading Mini Boss and I’m in love. Keep up the good work Flynn, and I hope you’re having a nice vacation, tell Spencer I said hey haha.


  2. Hello! I’ve been keeping up with your comic for a while, around episode two is when I found it. I’ve really enjoyed it and I love waiting for your next page in the series. I understand that at the time this is posted, you will be on vacation. Please, never feel like you can’t take breaks. Relieving stress is always a good idea!


  3. Hey there, Flynn!
    So, I’m just curious, but how’s your relationship with Spencer going? I honestly think you guys are such a cute couple and I totally support you! Also, I love everything you’ve been doing with this comic. The plot is great, the characters are in some way relatable, and the story just goes along smoothly. Keep up the good work! ❤



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