MINIBOSS Episode 3 – Rastaban

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Original posting date: April 8th 2017



38 thoughts on “MINIBOSS Episode 3 – Rastaban

  1. I love this comic! Ugggghhhh when’s the next page? You do great with the colors and scenes, it’s just so magical and inspirational, and I know that you probably get this a lot, but it’s true. Please, never leave us. You are wonderful. All this from a person calling herself jeebz XD!

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      • Holy fresh flying fruit-fly I was not expecting a reply! Good to know the release dates! Nice idea with the consistency of them. Just remember, if you need a break, don’t stress yourself. Take time if you need. ^-^

        (I speak from experience. I would stress myself with remembering to keep up with something to the point it became something I didn’t want to do anymore)


  2. I LOVE THIS!!! MY FAVORITE COMIC!!! I love the relatable characters, the story, E V E R Y T H I N G. (I could be your fan, but I rather air conditioner)

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  3. I’m just like sitting here looking at the one page recently uploaded like in sr pelos voice “don’t touch tha child !!” but o h ma n can’t wait(actually I can)for the next one, got me on the edge of my seat!



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