27 thoughts on “Bird and Boulder – 40

  1. I’ve just read the entire comic again, and I love the progression of Boulder’s thoughts about the importance of life. It’s interesting to see how much a person (in this case, a bird) can change you. You have to love and listen to your friends!

    This comic had the purpose of giving a beautiful message. I value that a lot ^^

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  2. Wow.

    So, when MINIBOSS was cancelled/delayed a while back, I was very.. very worried about what the future of your art would hold for me. I was very attached to the characters presented in MINIBOSS, and it was truly a point in time where I needed that story and those characters so much. I saw myself in Jorge, I saw myself in Proty, I saw myself in Beta, and I almost needed those characters to keep moving forward, as if I needed their movement for my own.

    I know that sounds kinda weird and crazy but whatever, it’s true. Anywho, I was nervous, but nonetheless decided to stick around because I had faith in you as a writer. And Bird and Boulder, though at first it seemed just like a silly comedy for fun and all the breakup drama people wouldn’t shut up about kinda spurred me away from reading, quickly began showing me that you are still the capable writer you were with MINIBOSS, and as this comic has continued I’ve found myself growing more and more attached to Boulder, to Bird, to Bird’s family – I was so in love with these characters, and finally, it’s come to an end.

    I can say without a doubt Bird and Boulder was an absolute blessing – MINIBOSS was not a one hit wonder and you will always be a talented artist and author. Whatever comes next, I’m sticking around and hoping for the best – you truly overcame the odds yet again, and I love you, your story, and your characters so much for it.

    Thank u so much and good luck in the future, I’ll be here with you every step of the way! ❤

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    • Gosh, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!!! I’m so happy you stuck around through all this stuff, it was really hard to be happy with my work during that dip in activity. But I’m happy readers like you and others liked this story for what it was.


  3. You were right, Flynn! This comic did have a happy ending! I adore your work, it’s so unique! I can’t wait for a new series!~ (Seriously, the more I look your art, the more impatient I become for more.)


  4. I really enjoyed this comic. It has become my favorite web comic of all time. The art, the dialoges and the story. This inspires me so much to keep doing what I love. Every single time a new page has gotten uploaded, it would make my day so much brighter. Thank you Flynn for making us happy.

    The comic will be remembered greatly 🙂

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  5. Almost had me sobbing at the end. This was brilliant and well done. This comic was an adventure and I’m so happy you made this. You did a wind thing man.

    You succeeded in the goal of making people so attached to a bird and a boulder. I wasn’t expecting this turn to be honest. This comic is an experience and I’ll never forget it.


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  6. Flynn, how dare you, you have committed a crime against humanity, you have gotten people emotionally attached to a stone. How do you answer to your crimes?


  7. This is the best thing ive ever read
    I know I shouldn’t have read this before school I’m still crying over birds death lol this was a really good comic. Who knew something so simple could mean so much.



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