Flirting with another story…

Peter by flynnmuttMy English teacher’s recent lesson regarding how to live an authentic life (according to us, Thoreau, Emerson, McCandless, Krakauer, Treadwell, and others) has started to transcend me a bit. He had a poignant presentation today where he showed us images of his life in Alaska. He describes everything in an emotion-generated image. It struck me a lot, and as a result I’ve been creating a concept for another story. Will I go through with it? Not sure yet. I might. I like it, so far. It won’t replace anything I’m currently doing, simply another adventure to go on. We’ll see.

^ This is Peter White.


Featured Artist: Alpha-Duck

http://www.alpha-duck.com/ | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaU5mw7npTnQZx31iRkW6A/featuredhttp://alpha-duck.deviantart.com/

I commissioned Alpha to make a short animation of Proty trying to relax. The result was moving. I gave Alpha a lot of artistic freedom, wanting to see what she would come up with. I only tossed a couple ideas (meditating, drawing, reading, etc). The commission was finished after a week of stress and sadness for me, and seeing her interpretation of Proty made me feel reflected onto him, as if Alpha captured my emotion as well as Proty’s. Definitely make it a priority to view Alpha’s art, she’s got a lot of power behind it!


Beta then and now

Wiggle by flynnmutt

Beta’s had a lot of changes since I first designed him. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of his early concepts!

Img 20170326 195724 307 by flynnmutt

The first doodle of “Beta”. I had the image in my head but couldn’t get it down on paper in a very detailed way, so I just scribbled something.

Beta was originally not Beta at all – but a boss form of Proty.

20170602 155400 by flynnmutt

Proty could turn into a dragon-like boss, which later on I scrapped and replaced with Beta being his own character. This boss-Proty was much smaller than Beta, lankier, and had softer features around the face.

I designed the boss-Proty to have the features of Proty with a dragon-like twist. Proty’s hair curl was an example, in this little comic. (poorly formatted, my apologies)

20170602 155451 by flynnmutt

My partner Spencer was concerned for the plot and character development, saying that having “great power somewhere inside” was an overused trope. I thought long and hard about a way to solve it, and Beta was born.

20170602 155303 by flynnmutt

An old reference sheet for Beta. A lot of it remains the same today.

Old Beta 1 by flynnmuttBeta still had a lot of issues, though. He was a poorly-scripted character, your run-of-the-mill baddie. He’d laugh at his strength, not understand his crudeness, and be a big, spooky, boring villain.

I thought of perhaps making Beta less of an evil creature and more of a simple “antagonist”. Not necessarily a bully, but just going against Proty. As a result, Beta was softened up. I gave him fewer (and duller) teeth, large irises, and harmonious colors that would give off a mixture of danger and sweetness, depending on how you’d look at it. Beta soon became an antagonist that I’m very proud to call my own.

Beta by flynnmutt

The first color scheme concept for Beta.

Betaboy by flynnmutt

The finalized version of Beta

If you’d like, I might do more “Then and Now”s with the other characters of MINIBOSS. What do you think? If so, who would you like to know more about?


Featured Artist: PorkTea


A very simple drawing this time, but there’s just all this charm in it that I can’t stop adoring! PorkTea has a very darling style that makes me think of storybooks and tv shows that I loved as a child, and seeing them draw Proty and Humbee in that way brings so much sweetness! Definitely give their art a view, you won’t be disappointed!


There’s a dumb ol’ bug

And it’s messing up the pages to Rastaban.

I don’t know why or how, but sometimes the pages get all randomized and I have to go fix it manually. It’s a big pain in the butt, and I’m not sure why it’s happening. I might file a report to WordPress or something, but if the pages are messy, just leave a comment about it and I’ll fix it. Thank you all!


Featured Artist: Krugo


Mercy, a dear friend of mine, has been creating outstanding pieces over many months. Her use of traditional art has always blown me away, and the amount of art she’s given me has been flattering! Mercy’s art has unique subject matters and flares that captivate me every time she shares a new creation.

Happy (late) Birthday Miniboss! by krugo

Blue by krugo
Hor-hey by krugoA N G E R Y by krugo


1 Year of MINIBOSS!

May 14th 2016 was the first day MINIBOSS went out into the big world. I was really afraid it’d just be forgotten, or boring. It was a for a bit, but as I got more vocal and upbeat about it, others did too. Thank you all for your support, it’s been unbelievable.

Bday by flynnmutt


Featured Artist: Smollerei

http://itsreiiii.deviantart.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/reeiiiu/ | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1Edxa0ejfdo0vZGQtbbVA

✶Rei’s been throwing some outstanding pieces my way, mostly of the characters in their non-canonical human forms! They’ve all made me smile, some even laugh. Rei has also made small animations that you can see if you visit their Instagram, which blew me away. Overall, the pieces are full of love, effort, and definitely a high volume of skill!

pastel fashion~ by ItsReiiii